The Massive Scavenger Hunt


So here's the gallery for all who participated to re-enjoy themselves and laugh once again at the ridiculous antics of the hunt on 9/24/05.


The gallery is still not complete and I will be adding more pics and videos as I get them. Last updated 10/11/05


Stills Gallery. Caution: Gratuitous Nudity




Boston Bitches: KFC Cluck

Boston Bitches: Old McDonald (oooh what big muscles you have)

Boston Bitches: Stop, Drop & Roll


Hui Noi Hele: KFC Cluck

Hui Noi Hele: Old McDonald


Machinegun Etiquette videos (although really hilarious) are not yet available due to

video compression complications. The original files are too large and eat too

much bandwidth. I'll try and figure out the deal.