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Vic Police is a special SHRINE to the Crown Vic Police Interceptor. This is THE car we all want: heavy duty suspension, bigger rims/tires, dual exhaust, better brakes (read: metal caliper pistons), oil & tranny coolers & interior perks (the 140 speedo is nice!). NEW PI links: PI buying, supplies & clubs! Don't forget to check Charles' '99 PI, Leo's PI & Matt's PI ! Check these '96 PI stats !!! For more PI stats, check Russ' links page, especially Bruce's site.

  • UK PIs!!!: Check out Derek's UK based American Emergency Vehicle club!! Amazing PIs in Scotland & i guess all over the UK: "My name's Derek Page and I run an emergency vehicle club in the UK that runs American police vehicles (yeah in the UK!!!) Please find enclosed a picture of our 1995 Ford Crown Vic Interceptor from the Collin County Sheriff's Dept. McKinney, Texas. It's been shipped over here by us and is in a semi-official capacity as we have friends in the department that kitted us out in uniforms etc. when we visited. I would really appreciate it if you could put a link to our website and that you'll take a trip yourself and let me know what you think. The site is at www.911evac.freeserve.co.uk By the way, the picture shows the vision bar with 7 clear pods, the reason for this was that we were about to head out of our county to a show in England (we're in Scotland) and we have to remove the red and blues. Where we live the Police are great, they let us drive around with the red and blue pods on and have no problem. The car is our second as I also have a 1978 NYPD Impala, which is a bit rough but still scares the life out of people in their small euro-boxes!

  • PI & CAPS: Alan is selling his 15" hubcaps from his '93 PI -- "same ones that you see on all the 93 94 95 96 97, Vic's. I would like to get $75.00 for the 4 they are in very good shape". He is also selling his '93 PI for a newer PI -- "It has 156k on it and it needs nothing. Has A new set of P235/70r15 tires with the dog dish hubcaps. Car is located in Canton Ga. or Alpharetta Ga. Car is white with blue velour interior front and rear, Has Blue carpet. I need to sell to Raise $$ for another PI" If you didn't know, Alan is a master mechanic for Killian Motorsports...he has worked on my car & I can vouch for the condition & mechanical soundness of his '93.
  • COMING SOON: New "FORD POLICE VEHICLES" logo oil fill caps for all 1986-2001 Fords that use screw-on oil fill caps. The ultimate compliment for the engine compartment of your Special Service CV! Priced at just $19.99/each plus postage...Performance Parts, Inc. 13120 Lazy Glen Court Oak Hill, VA 20171-2326 (703) 742-6207. Performance Parts, Inc.

  • NEW AUCTION SITE: From Nick: a new site that sells surplus police vehicles along with a bunch of other surplus police equipment from the state of Oregon. If you go to www.OregonSurplus.com and click on "Vehicle Public Auctions" it will bring up a list, there will be some Crown Vic's in there for some great prices!

  • NEW PARTS: I have 10 sets of the 16" take off 98-99 Ford police hubcaps available. Price is $100 per set. All caps in great shape. These are the chrome with blue oval Ford logo in the center. Thank you, Robert Brown.

  • NEW PI Sites: Trent's Police Car Pictures (thanks for the link to CVH, man!). Also, check this Used Crown Vic PI and Ford Hi-Po Parts link. 

  • NEW PI Auction Site found by Nick B: "It sells used police package Crown Vic's all the way through the years 1990-2000 and they also post some up on eBay for a GREAT price, and a reserve of only *$3,500*. The website is http://www.emergencyremarketing.com." Check the mileage on the 2000 PI -- Egads !!!


    1. Scott D's Auction Picks:


    2. Diversifleet is now longer in business, they have been out of the police car business for quite some time. The new boy on the block so to speak is KC Motor Vehicle-Police Car Sales located in North Kansas City, Missouri. It is Owned and Operated by a Certified Law Enforcement Officer from the State of Missouri. The web site is kcpolicecars.com. They are not affilitated with the former Diversifleet. Keep up the good work

      If you need to consult with the head guy, e-mail: vipdriver@yahoo.com


    1. Check out these SWEET "Ford Police Vehicles" logo air valve caps available from JD at Performance Parts, Inc. They are just $17.99 for a set of 4 plus shipping & handling. These are an official Ford licensed product -- awww...YEAH ! This was a "must-have" for me & are on the way this week. =) Lot's of other cool PI stuff on JDs site, too -- a "Ford Police Vehicles" pencil ? Yep. NOTE: you must have the normal "long" valve stems...watch out if you have the "shorties" that barely clear the wheel.

    2. Want a nifty Police Interceptor license plate or decal ? Like these below:

      Just e-mail Charles at copcars2@yahoo.com or check his Copcars Page. The decals are $2.50 each + $2.00 shipping for any quantity. The license plates are $10.00 + $4.05 shipping. I also have a few of the 'police interceptor' name plates that are on the 99-00 cars. I sell them for $20 each. I got these before the '99 models came out and then Ford took them off the market for awhile.

Police Interceptor Buying/Auction Web Sites:
Police Interceptor Supplies:
Police Interceptor/Vehicle Clubs:
Crown Vic Police Specs (in PDF format):

The following is excerpted from FPS-12011-93, "Severe Duty Service Recommendations for Crown Victoria Police/Taxi/Fleet and Mustang Special Service Vehicles", dated July 1992

These vehicles are manufactured with heavy-duty parts that are designed specifically for the varying demands and uniqie requirements under which police and taxi automobiles and others in heavy-duty daily service are operated. Such options are incorporated during the vehicle assembly. Components that are part of the option packages are listed below and on the following pages with a brief outline of their major features and their contribution to overall vehicle performance, handing and performance.

TRANSMISSION: Auxillary External Oil Cooler - Police/Taxi

ELECTRICAL: 130 ampere Alternator - Police Dual Beam Map Lamp - Police

FRAME/SUSPENSION: Heavy-duty Frame - Police Heavy-duty Suspension - Police & extra-heavy, high rate front and rear springs, extra control shock absorbers, heavy-duty front and rear stabilizer bars, plus special lower control arm bushings. COOLERS Power Steering Fluid Cooler - Police Extra Cooling Package - Police & viscous type fan drive Transmission Fluid Cooler - Police & Forward mounted air-to-fluid cooler

WHEELS / TIRES / BRAKES: Wheel Rims - Police & heavy-duty Safety Rim Wheels Tires - Police & tires (including the spare) are speed rated radials for police use.

Brakes - Police Semi-metallic brake pads are standard heavy-duty on the front brakes to meet the varying demands of different police service for fade resaistance and other performance requirements. These linings meet LASD/LAPD and MSP certification requirements.

INTERIOR: Heavy-duty seats - Police Calibrated Speedometer - Police More precise read-out of true road speed is achieved by a calibrated speedometer head. (The speedometer head assembly accuracy is +/- 2 mph over the entire range [at 70 degrees F or 21 degrees C].) The "certified calibration" applies to the head assembly only and does not apply to the indicated speed of the system which is affected by variations in vehicle loading, tire inflation pressures, tire rolling radii and driveline ratios. Deviations from true road speeds are minimized by this specially adapted speedometer head which gives both miles-per-hour and kilometer-per-hour readings. (0-140 mph; 0-220 km/h on Crown Victoria, 0-160 mph; 0-250 km/h on Mustang.