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Vic Pictures #2: So far, CV pics part 2 include: (new) Kevin's '95 Marquis, (new) Don's '93 LX, (new) Todd's '95 PI, (new) Joe's '95 PI, (new) Brendan's '98, Marc's '98, Charles' '99 PI, Steve's '99, Mark's '97 LX, (new) Dave's '94 LX, Ken's '96 PI, Ed's '94 PI, Matt's '93 PI & Joey's Concept CVs.  Also,  Blown Vic Pictures from a link Chris posted on the Corral Forum. Also had to take off Kenny Brown's Panther conversion pics for more room; I put all the specs on this CVH Panther page. 

(new) Brendan's '98 Crown Vic with P & H:

  • Specs: The picture is of my '98 P+H Vic w/ Bilsteins, and removed cone of silence.  I made my own center console in front and over the bench seat.

(new) Kevin's '95 Grand Marquis :

  • Specs: I put Eibach Pro Kit springs which dropped the car. Alignment was not a problem. To further enhance the suspension, I installed Bilstein shocks. I also put polyurethane sway bar bushings up front. Looking for rear ones. I have 255/50/16 Michelin Pilot XGT V4 on stock alloy rims. They don't rub at all! There is also a Superchip and a K&N air filter. The two gauges are for fuel and boost. The boost is working as vacuum for now until I get the FRPP supercharger installed. Work in progress. I have the 3.55 FRPP ring and pinion gears but haven't installed them yet. I need to get a shift kit and re-program my superchip first. I have strobe lights in the front marker lights and rear brake lamps. The reverse lamps alternate and so do the brake lights. The front side turn signal illumination lights also alternate. They are all connected to the alarm only! I also have the '98+ PI style 16" rims. They look great on the car. Wheels really make a difference. With the alloy rims, people drive up and pass me slowly. With the PI rims, they stay in my blind spot for a long while before passing me----slowly.

Marc's '98 Crown Vic LX with P & H:

  • Specs: I special ordered the 98 Crown Vic. I've owned it since June 98. It took approx 2 months from time of order to delivery. I knew exactly what options I wanted, mainly I wanted it with the Handling/Performance package. As you know this package consists of dual exhaust, 3.27 gears and air suspension in the rear.

  • Mods: Window tint (pic @ above right), K+N air filter, Three-Chamber Flowmaster mufflers, and last but not least a Custom-made Superchip designed specifically for my cars computer. When I ordered the chip, I specified to remove the speed limiter and tighten the shift. I could not be more pleased. Some people say a chip doesn't do anything. They're right some chips on the market don't, but as for Superchips they'll really improve the performance. It's really made my Vic a pleasure to drive.

  • Future Mods: This car is a daily driver. Having visited Kenny Brown's Shop in Indiana, I'd love for him to do the works to my car. Who knows they may be a Vortech in my future. Then again maybe a Marauder.

Charles' '99 Police Interceptor:

  • Specs: The '99 Police Interceptor is a 13k car from a south GA sheriff dept. All police with cloth bucket seats, vinyl rear seat, dual police antennas, and 3.55 rear. Will soon have tint, siren, and hideaway strobes. Also have a '94 Police Interceptor is a 55k car from a north GA county. It has the 'street appearance' package with trim identical to the regular CV and split bench cloth interior with 3.27 rear. Both are white with blue interior

Steve's '99 Crown Vic:

<-- Large version (1536 x 1024) of this pic.

  • Mods: What you see is a stock '99 Crown Victoria (large 1536 x 1024 version @ 211KB) with just the P&H package. Basic mods I've added is an additional B&H stack plate tranny cooler along with a K&N filter for the stock air box. I have also added the Ford burglar alarm system and the Ford 6 CD-changer mounted in the trunk. Other mod's include Russell speed bleeders and McGard wheel locks. I love the Russell Speed bleeders since they allow me to flush the brake lines annually in under 5 minutes. I plan on doing the a-pillar gauges this month (using a heat gun to shape the Mustang-specific pods) along with a Pro-M and K&N conical filter this year also. 

(new) Todd's '95 Crown Vic Police Interceptor:


  • Specs: My car is a Black 1995 Crown Vic and I have had it for about two months now and love every minute of it. It is basically a bone stock p71 for now, plus chrome exhaust tips & 2 chamber Flowmasters. I have added a Pioneer Head unit and replaced the speakers with Pioneer 2-way speakers (a much cleaner and clearer sound) I plan to add the Trans-go Shift kit, some sort of racing style seat ie. Recaro or Corbeau, and the obligatory K&N Filter. It originally was a black & white Cruiser but was repainted by the city when it was passed down to the city maintenance department. It had 47k miles on it when I got it. Todd AkA "Black Knight".

(new) Joe's '95 Crown Vic Police Interceptor:


  • Specs: 114A LX Option Group with Handling & Performance package. Light Graphite Leather seating. Deep-Tinted Power Moonroof. Bought in May of 1998 @ 83,000 miles. 

  • Mods: Mobil 1 10w/30 & Mobil 1 filter (every 3K), Mobil 1 differential oil (every 30K), Mercon V ATF (every 30K), Ford HD Police battery, Ford 15" Police rims & covers, Goodyear Eagle 225/70/15 meats, Ford HD disc brakes, Motorola GM300 40 watt UHF remote/trunk mounted 2-way radio, Motorola Maratrac A5 100 watt VHF remote/trunk mounted 2-way radio, Relm MS200 Scanner, Maxrad UHF black quarterwave roof mounted antenna, Maxrad VHF black quarterwave roof mounted antenna, Motorola 800-Trunking trunk mounted antenna & Design-tech remote car starter. 

Mark's '97 Crown Vic LX with the P&H package:

  • Plans: My plan is to fab a custom cold air intake that will locate a K&N cone filter down near the wheel well and bumper facia. I have a similar system on my Nissan Sentra SE-R purchased from Hot Shot Systems in CA. The Superchips add-on chip will probably be my next mod. I also love the idea of the MAF modification on your site. Seems like it would make noticeable hp gains...

Dave's '94 Crown Vic LX with the P&H package:

  • Plans: No mods on it (yet), since I don't really know enough to know where to start. I've only had it for just over a month, 69000 miles.  LX with just about all the options, P&H, maroon leather interior, premium audio, BFG Touring T/A P225/60R16 97V tires, alloy wheels, thinking about getting a paint job since a white car is such a pain to keep looking good.

Ken's '96 Police Interceptor:

  • Specs: it's a '96 Interceptor I bought last August. I lucked out on this one: San Diego Police Department fleet. When I found this one, I noticed the engine was clean enough to eat off and seemed to be in remarkable shape. Bolts on all the mounting hardware was new too, so it got me thinking. I asked the guy selling them for the city what the deal was. He checked her history and confirmed she had a new engine (give or take a few thousand miles). I totally crapped my pants. They were all the same price and this dude didn't care, so I was all over this thing. So anyway, it's got the same 281 modular V8 all the rest of you have. Aluminum driveshaft, oil cooler, transmission cooler, power steering cooler, no throttle governor, heavy duty everything.

  • Mods: I put in a K&N filter in the airbox, (conical mod soon). I'm also going to put in a larger throttle body when I get her back from being painted. A Hypertech chip is on the way too, but I want to see if I can still run it on 87 octane. I'm a little ashamed of the inside though, there's still no carpet. My wife has been pleading with me to take care of that. I told her I was going to put in some Yosemite Sam floor mats instead and she threatened to leave me. I think I'll go with carpet.

(new) Don's '93 Crown Vic LX :

  • Specs: My name is Donald and I am a 20 year old who loves his crown vic. There aren't many like me. It is a silver 1993 Crown Vic LX. I haven't had time to do many mods yet but will in the future. So far, I have done alot of maintenance and installed a CD player head unit. Future mods include new shocks, maybe a superchip, car mp3 player, and the air filter mod. The very next thing I want to do is get new tires for it. I also want to get the windows tinted and work on making it look even cooler.

Ed's '94 Police Interceptor:

  • Specs: I just picked this 1994 Police Interceptor two weeks ago. It's now my daily driver (other car is a 2000 Ford Focus ZX3 that is undergoing many modifications). This car came from a Texas river authority, and was a commissioner's car. It's in absolutely perfect condition, with no oil leaks, oil consumption, etc. It's got 107,000 miles and feels strong as an ox. Modifications so far are limited to a 99 Police Interceptor badge on the trunk lid and dog dish hub caps to give it that unmarked cop car "look". Future mods will involve a complete engine rebuild so that I can throw on a blower. Yeahhh!

Matt's '93 Police Interceptor:

  • Specs: My name is Matt. I am an 18 year old guy that has driven a Crown Victoria all my driving life. First an 89 LTD till it had 235,000 miles on it, now a 93 police interceptor that I purchased for 2,400 dollars. The 93 had 124,000 miles on it, now it has 130,000. What a steal.

  • Mods: First thing I did to it when I got it home was change the oil and put racing synthetic in it. Got the stripes taken off for free I might add. Flushed the coolant system and refilled it. Cleaned the engine. Cleaned the car. I have added a new Aiwa head unit and two JBL 12s in the trunk with a PPI amp. Also new firestone 225-15 V rated tires. That I basically stole, they were $70 a piece normally $115. It has the interceptor chip still.

  • Future Mods: I am looking for a push bumper. And I am putting a CB in soon, and tinting the windows soon also. I have gotten the car up to 130 the speedometer says 140. When I hit one 130 I had two inches to the floor board. 

Joey's Concept Crown Vics:

Epi's-- '87 Crown Vic LTD LX (with Superchip):

  • Details: the superchip wasn't made for the Crown Vic, it was actually for the EFI Mustang 87-90. both computers have the same harness, and i tested it out. it did indeed work very well so i kept it. the big problem was the computer's harness location. its inside the engine compartment!! its very difficult to get to, but since i am the master mech, i did it. it's an 87 LTD LX. i bought it last summer when i was 17. for an amazing $600. the car was in near prfect shape. the car was clean and it only had 39K original miles. original wheelcaps (which i modified) are still there. moonroof, 6-speaker premium stereo,  its a fast car and i love it. i do plan on upgrading the engine. i wanna keep the 5.0 since i do have a spare tranny from an 88 Marquis my brother wrecked. NOTE: check Epi's cool '87 LTD homepage !!

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